Sunday, December 31, 2006

"It takes 5 minutes to start playing a PSP game."

Common sense should tell anyone that this is the cry of a potential ADD patient or that keyboard smashing German kid. Granted, it will take longer to begin playing games from disc based media than it does from a cartridge, but 5 minutes? Seems an excessive claim to me.

Yes, I know, the original statement says "start playing", but the problem is that with some games (particularly role playing games) you must create a character and endure a long story sequence before you actually begin "playing", this is true of all role playing games.

So I've decided to time the actual loading sequence, how long it takes to get to the first screen where a player is able to take control.

So let's test it, shall we? Times will be presented two ways, the first being the "natural" time to get to the main menu where you press "Start" and begin the game and the second being an "accelerated" time, pressing the appropriate button to skip the startup sequence.

Archer Maclean's Mercury - 1:41 - 1:14 (has skippable corporate logo)
Astonishia Story - 2:22 - 0:36 (has skippable opening animated sequence)
Coded Arms - 1:58 - 0:54 (has skippable "attract mode")
Death Jr. - 1:20 - 0:54 (has skippable opening animated sequence)
Kingdom of Paradise - 2:29 - 1:07 (has skippable opening credit sequence)
Legend of Heroes - 3:32 - 0:47 (has skippable opening story sequence)
Legend of Heroes II - 2:12 - 0:54 (has skippable opening story sequence)
Lumines - 0:40 - 0:35 (has skippable corporate logos)
Me and My Katamari - 2:30 - 1:09 (has skippable opening animated sequence, but come on! It's the king of all the cosmos! How can you skip that?)
Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel - 1:16 - 1:16 (no start menu, story just begins)
Monster Hunter Freedom - 2:46 - 0:52 (has skippable opening animated sequence)
Practical Intelligence Quotient - 1:48 - 1:01 (has skippable opening animated sequence)
Twisted Metal: Head On - 2:39 - 0:58 (has skippable corporate logo & animated sequence)
Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade - 3:09 - 1:03 (has skippable opening story sequence)
Untold Legends: Warrior's Code - 2:45 - 0:54 (has skippable opening animated sequence)
Wipeout Pure - 3:02 - 1:09 (has skippable opening animated sequence)
X-Men Legends II - 3:37 - 1:25 (has skippable corporate logos & animated sequence)
Ys: Ark of the Napathistim - 0:56 - 0:56

When you average out all these times, you find it takes around 2 minutes and 15 seconds to get to the start menu if you just turn on your PSP and let it run through all the corporate logos, startup videos, etc. If you're impatient and keep pressing the X or Start button it will take you around 59 seconds on average.

In other words, no where near the 5 minutes some fanboys claim. Is one minute longer than it takes on a cartridge based platform? Sure. But who can't wait a minute to play a game?

Oh yeah, right:

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